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Fire & Metal (Kaylee OShay, Irish Dancer, 3) Rod Vick

Fire & Metal (Kaylee OShay, Irish Dancer, 3)

Rod Vick

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is twelve-year-old Kaylee O’Shay’s third year of Irish dancing, but something horrible happens. Her father lost his job and has taken a new job in Milwaukee. Now they will be closing her mother’s sewing shop and moving to Milwaukee.The move doesn’t mean Kaylee will have to stop dancing, but she will have to change Irish dance schools. The school she will be attending is the same school as the girl on her soccer team, Brittany Hall, attends.While visiting her new Irish dance school, she meets a boy, Riley, who interests her. And, he seems to take an interest in her. But then he came to the first school dance with Brittany – which really disappointed Kaylee.Changes are coming to Kaylee’s life that she has very little control over. And, she has discovered an old letter in her mother’s things, that proves that her mother knew Lizzie Martin, the former Irish dance student of Miss Helen’s who chose soccer over Irish dance. KayleeOnce again, a great story. Kaylee is becoming a stronger person, but she still has fears and doubts about what’s going on in her life --especially with boys and the big move.*This is a young adult fiction book – I read it because I gave it to my nieces for Christmas 2009.