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Warrior Gennita Low


Gennita Low

Published March 19th 2014
ISBN : 9780991474226
210 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

ROMANCE/ACTION ADVENTURE MILITARY ROMANCE Three best friends--everyone on the SEAL team called them The Stooges. A little wild, a bit crazy, always fun to watch. And deadly in the war arena. Lucas Branson, navy SEAL, tough, meat-and-potatoes, straightshooter-to-the-max is one of the three confirmed bachelors. He meets Kit-Ling, also from a family of tough men, and yeah, maybe this relationship business befalling all his comrades isnt that bad after all. But then, on a secret assignment overseas, things become complicated when he bumps into Kit and her media crew looking for information. Kit-Ling Harrison is surprised by the sudden attraction between her and her best friends brother. Having grown up among a family of army Rangers, she is not easily impressed. Besides, there are other plans in her future, like a trip with her broadcasting team to interview Afghan women and their current problems. Theres just no time for a SEAL. Boy, is she wrong! How is Lucas going to stop his teams mission from becoming public? How is Kit going to work around self-interest and hard-hitting news? In a land whose borders and politics are nebulous, where danger explodes without explanation, where only warriors survive, Lucas and Kit must fight for their love and ultimately, their lives.