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Published September 1st 2007
ISBN : 9789812586292
432 pages
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 About the Book 

I have always wanted to travel to India- bengal tigers- the sights and smell of the wonderful food (samosa anyone?)the colorful saris and yes even the daily hustle and bustle of the crowded streets of Delhi. I have finally decided to do it and so as is my tradition- I marched myself to Barnes and Noble to buy my Insight Guide. I get one every time I travel. I have Thailand...Peru... China.... Tibet....the list goes on and I still pull all of the old ones out and look at them periodically. What I love about these books are not that they have lists of hotels- resturants- etc (they do but not very extensive). They are visualy beautiful accounts of the sights/ sounds/ land and people of each country. You will learn the history... boy will you learn the history- and then you will discovery each region as it is presented section by section.By the time I leave on an adventure I have a GREAT understanding of the place but the excitemednt of what to expect has not been so solidly laid out that the trip is anticlimatic. It is torally presented as the Discovery Channel would be expected to do.And yes- I am going on a bengal tiger safari to view these beautiful animals (hope I see one) and yes... the Taj Mahal is on the list of must sees. I do not usually hit too many tourist spaces. But come on... it is a wonder of the world!!!!!!!