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The Messenger Bob Larimer

The Messenger

Bob Larimer

Published March 1st 2002
ISBN : 9780595219322
296 pages
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 About the Book 

This story takes place on earth in the late twentieth century, when a mysterious but gentle man suddenly appeared in a small midwestern town. His mystical charm fascinated the local residents despite his somewhat odd behavior. Joseph was his name, his origin another time and dimension. The reason for the visit was to educate a small community with the knowledge of education and agriculture. His visit carried a secondary motive, to see if earth had advanced enough to understand the stage of acceptance.What Josephs world had not prepared him for was the act of falling in love, marrying a woman of earth, and establishing friendships with the most unlikely people. Then discovering that a product of his own doing had now placed the fate of mankind not only here on earth, but within galaxies of his own world in jeopardy.Journey now as Joseph learns of his ancient bloodline of nobility, the secret of his inborn intelligence, and the earthly lessons of life. Follow now the mysterious man from another world, as he learns from those of earth to seek out and destroy the ruthless plan for earths destruction.