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The Bang In The Bar Fae DeRose

The Bang In The Bar

Fae DeRose

Published August 9th 2012
Kindle Edition
19 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Danny is a bar owner in a small Pennsylvania town. Nothing much exciting ever happens there until one night an exciting woman shows up.Danny has had a long hard night, he is short one waitress and he has worked the bar all alone. He is ready and to call it a night. Just when he is about to clean up, Tasha Williams, a young woman fresh in from Philly who wants to sing in the bar. Danny can’t resist the dark beauty and it’s quickly apparent that they have chemistry. After hearing her sing, he agrees to let her sing for tips. She is reluctant to leave and offers to help him clean and close the bar. Their late night encounter gets hot and heavy and leaves them both sated with pleasure and new hope for a bright future, for both them and for the bar. They can make beautiful music together.Interracial Sex, Explicit Language